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Week 0: The Mysterious Motel
Week 1: The Bansheed Ballerina
Previously titled The Curious City, week one had our plucky protagonists exploring the city of Yuggoth. Jason Todd, the Ballerina died on Friday, killed by the Ghost possessing Hana Song, the Spy. Sadly, The Ghosted Ballerina is not alliterative.
Week 2: Twice Trialed
Because Thrice Trialed would be incorrect in one form, and The Drivered Driver, the Authored Academic, and the Drifted would be a bit of a mouthful. This week three people died, one by suicide. Kamui was executed.
Week 3: Haunted Hangman
Do Electrified Daves Dream Of Electric Sheep? Haunted Hangman is in reference to the Ghost killing Rachel and Marty on Friday, and being found out during the trial via a game of hangman.

Week 4:


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